exam season.

a/n: I was supposed to send this blog post long before my exams started but, I am a busy person. So excuse me.


Here it is! The long (not-so) awaited, time of the year… It is. . . (cue dramatic drum roll and slow lifting of curtains). My friends, introducing to you, once again. . . EXAM SEASON.

We know that exams are the prestigious times of the year where you have parents yelling at children to study, (assuming that they do study later), tedious last-minute essays and assignments, the building pressure, the lack of sleep, desperate need for the A’s, and the exam fear which frightens students all around the world.

It’s fine if you don’t fit into the category of being pressured to study. Really is.

But one thing for sure, I have known the hassle of not being able to find your respective notes or the lack of understanding due to your textbook having complicated words (glares at IGCSE Economics textbook) so you end up having to look up to the hailed glory of the Internet.

Since I am an IGCSE sophomore-year student, my O Levels aren’t over exactly. I’ve only finished my second language (French // Pearson Edexcel) and English as a First Language but I am approaching the end of my exams on 29th of May and will be travelling soon after.

I was also going to give exam tips but all I can say too is, study hard, folks. Hard work pays.



debating stress.

School has reopened from winter break and I’m already suspecting my stress levels to skyrocket sooner or later in a month. My French EDEXCEL and English as a First Language IGCSE mocks are to start soon and I am the most absent person on my blogs and Tumblr.

Today I had a debate and as a group leader (For the Notion), I was tired and held too many things in my mind and still managed to do well. Furthermore, I was supposed to conduct a debate in French but to my fortune, my teacher hadn’t come and that means everyone has enough time.

To all readers; whether I have any or not, my late Christmas and New Year wishes out to y’all.

survival guide.

so, I’m back and this time for something more useful.


presented by yours truly.

  1. as if I need to tell you this but organise your work! fam, you’re not getting yourself anywhere with messy notes and lack of preparation—so I advise you to get yourself printables from The Organised Student. All of her printables are so useful and assist in setting out your day!
    [helpfulness scale: 9/10]

    DRAWBACKS: it may seem inconvenient for some because they may not know how to do timed planning or sometimes, you just get lazy bro.
  2. Assign yourself a workstation; this always gets your set, knowing that you have a fixed study area (p.s: you’ll have to keep it clean and tidy often) On my case, my desk is well decorated and I have my flowers to one side, pens and supplies together with my books stacked neatly.
    [helpfulness scale: 8.5/10]

    DRAWBACKS: not necessary to have a work area and it may also seem cramped.
  3. Keep a playlist; for those who are music fanatics, I suggest that a collection of your favourite peaceful songs should help you study and focus on your topics.
    [helpfulness scale: 7/10]

    DRAWBACKS: for some, music distracts and it’s not advised for them to jam out fully while concentrating.
  4. Colour code notes; if I have to explain, adding a certain colour to your work may aid yourself in memorising notes for tests and generality.
    [helpfulness scale: 6/10]

    DRAWBACKS: it may get confusing if you don’t mark out which colours go where.

    so far, this is all I have for surviving. I only do so much to help myself.

throwback tuesday.

so, recently I’ve made up my mind that I WILL try my level best to prioritise my work and blogging and etc. and I seemed to just have scrolled through all my old posts and I was so shook.

woah. . .

I really was a newbie but it was a good thing to remember how this whole blog started and suddenly, it’s all humble beginnings.


change & reform.

okay, for those who don’t know— I’m an A.R.M.Y and I love KPOP a lot right now and currently, I’ve gone on this ‘make my workstation as Tumblr-inspired as possible’ and if I have time, I’ll probably post a picture on my stumblr (study Tumblr; yeah, it exists) and it’s called brownpapersandcoffee because those are my study aesthetics aside from small white winter flowers that decorate my desk too.

my next post will be most likely that I will give tips on how to get through your freshman and sophomore years.


Blue. // short story

Wednesday; 6/1/16 [D/M/YY]. 11 AM

This is how it all started.

My world was growing duller by the minute and I couldn’t help it from becoming so. Something was getting through the boundaries, penetrating the color away from both; me and the walls. There were goosebumps prickling every inch of my skin and that didn’t feel so good. It was type of sorrow and solitude I’d been wanting to feel but who knew that it would go soul-deep. I’m frightened and this sort of loneliness that would scare you and the people alongside the side effect of seeming unsatisfied with life; with no direction, goal or the brightness of the sun to warm your innermost parts. It also makes me question if I’d survive to my adulthood, to the age of 28, at the most; will I change? Will I find happiness? That’s a theory I doubt now.

I fear my words to be the truest of things and yet so, that I’ll fail myself and that destiny would become better.

The walls of my class were painted pastel blue, the boards of sapphire color, window blinds of shades of navy. My clothing itself was blue; my shirt, the tie around my neck and looping under my collar, the skirt I wore and the socks that topped above my ankles a considerable length.

I felt blue.

And that day I learnt a lesson. One I wouldn’t forget but yet hated to remember. It was a fact of life so essential but often neglected. Many romanticized it for being the macabre it was but I truly knew what a danger it posed.

I knew what it held. It was toxic, either by loving it or hating it.

Everything is blue.

[Credit to Halsey; song – Colors.]

Changes. // fandom


Well, recently, there’s this thing going on about Hendall [Harry Styles + Kendall Jenner] ; not that I hate Kendall, she’s pretty but I’ve been liking Harry MORE THAN HER HMPH; ever since X Factor. Ugh, fan problems and so, I decided to leave the One Direction fandom because I felt betrayed, and decided to switch to my actual likings; Rock, Metal and Alternative. My book on Wattpad, ‘Clouds’ will no longer be available due to change in genre, cover and name.

These are the changes that will be made soon.

Name: Forgotten.

Genre: Romance.


happy holidays // long time.

Hello! *insert see you again* It’s been a long day, without you, my blog… and I’m going to tell you what has happened in the past weeks.


No, don’t look at me. I had exams and last Thursday; right when we thought that our exams were over, we were notified that the exam papers we had for Arabic examinations was leaked and we are having a retest the next working day and apparently, it’s today. I had the test and we did nothing the whole day in school.

Buuut, let’s not ruin the post with my nonsense but instead, have a wonderful Christmas and winter holiday ahead because probably in that time, I might update the blog to suit the season~ Also, for those who read Wattpad, I’m updating all my books as soon as possible.


School reopening.

To my readers and potatoes,

The school year comes again to cause yet another 10 months of misery and headache but also experience.

Due to the reason that my last year’s academic levels were less than average, I’m putting the blog on a semi-hiatus mode so I can catch up this. Mainly because it’s freshman year and also because I need good grades.